I am in the process of rewriting and posting chapters of my story, ”A Lifairen Faerytale- The Forgotten Girl” on Wattpad.

There are currently 11 chapters on Wattpad, check it out and let me know what you think.

Working on my story hardcore right now. Only about 20 more chapters to go…maybe more or maybe less…still deciding. 🙂

Chapter 1. The Forgotten Girl

Chapter 2. The Secret is Hot Chocolate

Chapter 3. The Art of Magic and Fainting

Chapter 4. Sanity Meet Reality

Chapter 5. The Greeting Maze

Chapter 6. Masks Don’t Work on Faeries

Chapter 7. The Trap

Chapter 8. Bubble Break

Chapter 9. Time’s Favor

Chapter 10. Fickle Memories

Chapter 11. A Selfish Request

Chapter 12. The Lady in the Painting – pending release.

Chapter 13. Breakfast Break- work in process – pending release.

Meet Alice your average teenager living in a cabin in the middle of nowheresville. She doesn’t want to be treated like a child anymore and tries to get her grandmother to stop telling her faerytales because she is too old. Issy just wants her granddaughter to grow up learning their family history.

At the end of the day Alice realizes that her grandmother was right about one thing. Dragons are a girl’s best-friend.