Introvert Shorts- Days of Hermitry

“It has been a while.”

Steven glared at me like I was insulting him, which wasn’t a surprise, because that was how he looked at me when I hadn’t given him his daily treats.

“No worries, boy. I am going to get a pickup from Sil’s Grocery today.”

He watched me as I paced around the kitchen, looking inside of the cabinets for coffee. There were no cat treats, and there was no coffee. It was official I had waited too long to buy supplies. Three could not come fast enough.

My head was splitting from the lack of caffeine. It was time for my emergency rations.

I walked over to the cabinet that I rarely ventured into. I never expected to use anything in it.

As soon as I opened the cabinet door, a pack of batteries came flying out at me. I had barely jumped back in time for the batteries to project themselves down onto my big toe. The good news is my toe was merely purple, not broken; at least it didn’t feel broken. I walked around the kitchen for a few moments to test out the damage.

“I think I’ll live, how about you Steven?”

Steven was pointedly not looking in my direction.

“I get it. You want treats. I want coffee.”

I watched my little furball for a response and wasn’t surprised to be ignored. It wasn’t like it was a pattern or anything.

“One day you will mellow back, and then I will realize just how crazy this pandemic is making me.”

I reached back into the cobweb-infested cabinet and pulled out the handy dandy jar of instant coffee with a shaking hand. Thank God I didn’t have an untimely run-in with a spider.

My head beat to its own tempo as I poured water into my coffee-less coffeepot.

I wish that I could venture out late at night and shop like I used to, but my hermit side is now in complete control of who I am. I don’t want to leave my house, but there are still days where I long for late-night store hours. Oh, how I miss the days where the ghost town of shopping centers were still open.

“That’s a thing of the past, isn’t it, Steven?”

Still no attention from my adoring cat.

“I didn’t think this would ever happen, but I think I miss people.” I mused aloud to myself.

Steven meowed loudly. He was no longer sleeping in his cat tree but was wrapping his fluffy body around my legs.

“I am starting to think that you really can understand me.”

Photo and story by Ashley Houston 🙂