Stand For Change


This is sufferable


An impossibility

We only have

Just this one

This one life

It is time

It is time

To let go of the bad

To acknowledge it

To change for

The better

We must band

Together and live

Live for each other

what is this life for this place with no windows why are we here locked away alone hidden in fear we should all be together we should all acknowledge our disparities ask a child what they think accept their questioning eyes when you break away from what is right and fight against this much needed tide of change take a breath and break away from that old thought and acknowledge that we must change and move beyond the antiqued fragments of a broken


It is scary

To think

That some of us

Don’t get to see


The tomorrow

Take should

Have never been

Stolen away

where are we now that the tide has crept up on us it is messy yes but the fight is worth these words to keep propelling it further and further until until there is no longer a someone somewhere needlessly having their tomorrows stolen from them where is their justice we must do better


To be mortal

Is to be human


To be human

Is to be equal


Are inexcusable


We can create


Photos and poem by Ashley Houston.

We need a brighter tomorrow. I stand in solidarity with my friends, family, and neighbors. You are seen, heard, and loved! #BLM