What is this?

These words that keep coming forward.

Flowing outward without any control?

Why can’t they be turned off

Why can’t they be toned down

Where did the sanity go in this place?


Is my mic on anymore?

Does anyone see me

Where is this place

Why is it so late?

The night is late

The time is dark

Day brings the light

Yet it still seems to be dark

Where are we heading?


Sanity hatched a ride down

A ride away from the world

Hope is beating through


Hear me

Where are you?

I am looking for you

Looking around this place

Without a light

Stumbling in the day

Stumbling in the night

My eyes see

My ears hear

But where are you?


Hope is beating down

Beating down your doors

Let it in

Reach out in the light

Reach out in the dark

Bring sanity back

Sit it back down

In its rightful place

So, you can hear me

So, I can see you

Photo and poem by Ashley Houston.