Mortal Seasons

Skin is paper thin


What is time

It is something

That passes us by

We are just visitors here

We’d like to think

Vision isn’t what it

Used to be

The world is affected

By time

By us

Flowers blossom and wilt

Within a breath

Glasses enlarge the world

For renewed vision

Bruises populate

From medications

The world breezes by

Seemingly unafflicted

By time

By us

Ashes and dust

This is what

Becomes of us

Becomes of time

Becomes of the world

A new breath

Life reenters

The cycle of time

Bright eyes

Loud yells

Learning what it means

What it means

To be alive

Firm skin


By medication

Flowers blossom and wilt

Within a breath


Toward tomorrow

 Crawling up

Walking forward

Into youth

Into adulthood

The world breezes by

Time is gone

The world becoming

More affected by us

Time is gone

Time is gone

In a sneeze

In a breath


Of what it


What it means

To live

To understand


To understand


By Ashley Houston

Sometimes we just need to take a moment. A moment to slow down and enjoy the small things. Smile and take life one day at a time. 🙂

I took the picture a few weeks ago, it is a lily that my husband gave me. I love lilies. 😀

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