Self Love

It is not hard to come by

Nor is it easy to come by

Although we all seek it

Although we can all feel it

Hiding in the background

The background

Of everyday life

Life that breezes by

It says a quick hello

Before time passes by

What is this

This thing

That hides in the background

It is always there for others


When it comes to you

To yourself

It seems out of reach

Out of reach

Even though

It is there

Always there

Words they search

They search for a way

A way to express

This hidden thing that you

That you have for others


When it comes to yourself

It is hard to capture

It is hard to capture



Someone else speaks


Someone else shows


Shows what this thing


That hides behind you

Hovering just out of


By Ashley Houston

Even though it can be a struggle sometimes, we all need to learn to love ourselves more. Embrace who you are, because you are the only you in the world. You are awesome and no one could ever replace you. Love yourself as well as you love others.

I took the picture a few years ago. Love the black and white photography. Oh nature, love taking pictures of the outside world. 🙂