The Town of Gravesvale Part 4 by Ashley Houston

The eyes are what I saw first.

Red rimmed with star kissed scars cutting across their irises. They stared at me while I slept. I could feel their desire to consume burning into my flesh.

Consume what?

My mind scrambled to form an answer.

An answer that I wasn’t sure of…couldn’t be sure of.

No…there was no way this was happening.

I still couldn’t see. I could no longer tell if I was asleep or awake.

When was the last time I had been able to discern when I was dreaming?

Was it when I heard the voices?

Why couldn’t I feel…why couldn’t I feel my leg?

My leg…something had happened to my leg. I couldn’t remember.

My memories were so foggy. It was hard to even remember who I was.

I tried to blink as hard as I could.

What was that? A flash of light.

My heart beat faster. Maybe this was the day that I would get answers.


My eyes fluttered and I sighed.

I sighed!

The light was blinding. It took multiple blinks before I could see anything.

The ceiling was spotted with moldy gray lights. The more my eyes adjusted, the more I realized that the room was dimly lit.

I tried to prop myself up but failed. I had only one pillow and it was flat and moist. Maybe I had been crying, or dare I think it, drooling in my sleep.

As soon as I tried to position myself into an upward position my arms gave out, and my head knocked back down onto the hard prison cell like bed.

I wanted to cry. My eyes wouldn’t comply to my desires, as was the case most of the time. They stayed stubbornly dry.

I pushed myself harder. I wanted to sit up. I wanted to see where I was.

I wanted to know what was happening.

I wanted to know about something I couldn’t remember. It was something dear to me. What was it?

It felt like hours were passing by in streaks as I stared up at the dingy florescent light above me.

What did I care about?

Why was I here?

I felt the tears sting the corners of my eyes before the memories came.

I saw little balls of fur running up to greet me. I would always smile whenever I saw them.

They were feral, but they had accepted me. Most likely it was because of the food I brought them, but I didn’t care. I enjoyed taking care of them.

There was a weight on my chest, like my heart was trying to tell me something, that my mind did not want me to know.

I had to know…

What was it…?

“I see you have finally woken up.” A soft wispy voice whispered close to my ear.

By Ashley Houston

This story is a work in progress. I will post updates to it as I write it. The photo is one I took years ago. 🙂

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