Introvert Shorts Part 1

Life as told by an Introvert.

The perspective of an introvert as told by me, Heather, sometimes Heath, depending on my mood. I bet most people don’t think about how Heather can be shortened to Heath, but I am not most people. In fact, I am not really a people person. Although people seem to be drawn to me, like a magnet to…a magnet to…something. Give me a moment, a magnet to a flame? No that’s a moth to a flame, a magnet to magnetic sand. Seems about right.

I shudder at the pasty freckled face staring at me as I brush my teeth. The eyes blink like they are mine, they are green like mine, but they just look so empty sometimes. These would be one of those sometimes, they don’t look like me. Maybe it is the lack of sleep?

Ahhh is all I hear in my head sometimes, although I am loath to admit it, I whisper it aloud. Loath to admit that I talk to myself a lot. Hey, everyone does it, right? As long as no one responds back it’s okay. It’s when you hear that first wispy answer back that you should worry…so I’ve heard from various sources.

I smile down at Steven. He squints his small blue eyes up at me and yells as the door closes behind me. I smile wishing that I could change places with him. Maybe one day I could be the one lazily sleeping on top of the fridge, too scared or too lazy to jump down.

I didn’t realize how cold it was going to be today as I eye the clock on my dash. My old Honda doesn’t want to get up and go like it used to. I try not to gas it, patiently waiting for the engine to warm up.

It’s not like I really want to go in today, but I never really want to go. Sometimes I wish I could find a work from home job. A job where I wouldn’t have to interact with other humans, but there is this small part of me that feels like I would miss it. I always push that part of me back down into a safe place inside of my head. The part that I only unlock when I am at work.

I autopilot to work. It’s a love hate relationship. If it wasn’t for the smell of books in the air and the sound of old pages being turned, I would have left a long time ago…

By Ashley Houston

This is a work in progress. I will post more parts to the Introvert Shorts as I write them. 🙂

The photo was taken a few months ago by my husband. I thought it would go well with my story. 🙂

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