Fear fear

What is this

I’ve lost it

Locked it all away

Fear of losing a loved one

Fear of fear

What is this

Just something

That teaches our all to us

Fear of losing you

Fear of losing all

Of those that I hold dear

It’s woken me up from

My comatose State

That death is real

It’s near and dear

To the ones I love

To the ones I hold close

And dearest to my heart

Death is something I don’t think about

Not normally

Not till now

Not till the scares

That have recently surfaced

For the ones I hold near and dearest

Within my weathered heart

Something I never thought about

Something I was never taught to think about

Is that death comes to us all

Sometimes loudly

Sometimes quietly

That is why I watch you

As you sleep

Because I can’t afford to lose you

The one that I love so much

So much more than myself

I can’t let you go

You are the sensitive part of me

That I cannot

That I will not

Ever let go

By Ashley Houston

I took the photo at the Purple Toad Winery, it was a great day. Drank some java wine and played chest with my husband. Cheers to good memories. 💚 🙂

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