The Town of Gravesvale Part 3 By Ashley Houston

“I thought you’d never wake up. It’s a good thing that I showed up when I did…” A gruff voice reverberated around me.

I felt sick. My world was dark. I could not see anything. It felt like my eyes were open. I felt panic drip slowly into my veins. It started its slow burn throughout my body. My body which I could not move.

“I would just relax, if I were you. You won’t be able to move for a while.”

Maybe I should listen to the disembodied voice and just give into the darkness. Try to not think. Try to not worry. Fuu…cckkk…I screamed it internally till I could no longer think straight. Worry was me on a good day. Panic was me on a bad day, and this was a bad day. What happened to me?

Suddenly, my mind brightened with the memories that I much rather forget.

The pain in my right calf intensified as I fell onto the ground, face first. It felt like I was breathing in small pebbles and dust from the asphalt that had cushioned my fall. Next was the weight on my back, which did cut off my airflow. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t scream, even though I fought for it. The need to call out for help. I tried kicking, but could only move one of my legs.

The odd thing was it felt like both of my legs were there, but only one would obey my command to move.

The crunching sound was back. I remembered the sound now, it had been there the whole time I struggled to breath, that I struggled to call out for help.

The crunching noise and the weight on my back dissipated with the sound of a loud roaring truck back firing. At least I thought it was a truck back firing…

The darkness overtook my mind again as my memories faded like a nightmare, hiding just out of reach, but still lingering there. Lingering just enough to leave me feeling panic grab hold of my chest.

I was shaking. I feel my body convulsing with a mind of its own. Well at least this was progress. I could feel, just not see or move with my own will.

“Shh, sleep.” The gruff voice whispered somewhere near me.

“I gave it to her…” a wispy voice echoed from a distance place.

Gave me what I wondered as my mind became so hazy that I could barely remember who I was.

The darkness of void and the bliss of ignorance swallowed me whole.

The image is a picture that I took a few years ago in my backyard, I played around with a few filters till I got the effect I wanted. This picture will be the new image for The Town of Gravesvale for now.

This story is a work in progress. I will post updates to it as I write it. I apologize for the long wait for part 3, I am endeavoring to write more on this story. It is one of two storylines I am currently working on. Plus, I would be lying if I did not admit that procrastination gets the best of me sometimes… Let me know what you think so far. : )

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