The Town Of Gravesvale Part 2 By Ashley Houston

As I turned the corner, I could see the nesting home of my wild cat colony, which was situated behind the Fastmart dumpster.

I heard a faint crunching sound, which made the hairs on my arms stand up, as if they were alerted to a danger that I didn’t realize was near. My heart hammered restlessly within its cage. I paused a foot away from the dumpster.

There was nothing there. There couldn’t be anything there, because there was not supposed to be anything there, besides my little colony of cats.

I looked back toward the Fastmart and noticed that the lights had stopped flashing. That was odd, so someone had been messing with the lights. It had to be a Halloween prank, I smiled in relief and rushed past the moldy smelling dumpster.

I froze. There was no way what I was seeing was real. My gut tried to warn me, but my rational mind didn’t want to listen. My heart sank and floated away as I watched a monster bite into a small poof ball of gray fur. I watched as it chewed and swallowed the small body whole. Where were all the other cats? I braved a few steps toward the monster to try and rationalize it away, back into the world of fiction where it belonged.

It all felt like it happened in slow motion when it noticed me. Its large yellow eyes widened as if it recognized me, but that had to be impossible. It opened its big jowls and howled. I turned and booked it. There was nowhere I could go. Nowhere I would be able to get into fast enough to get away from the big creature that I could hear behind me. I smelt its putrid breath before I felt a razor bladed claw strike the back of my calf.

By Ashley Houston

This is a work progress. I will post updates to my Gravesvale story as I write it. 🙂

Image is from the WordPress free library.

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