The Crusade of Greed By Ashley Houston

Masquerading as a spaceship

bound for another world,

time has become lost-

to those that still dwell below

upon the ashen ruins

of their home, a place called Earth.

The trees all faded away,

as blades cut through thick trunks

as war blew them apart

these silent giants became

lost to the creatures that were once

the self-proclaimed rulers.

Planes flew overhead

as pilots flipped buttons

dropping blazing bombs of poison.

Famine claimed the lands,

as bombs exploded upon

the once fertile soil.

Consumption of the world

led to a war that did not end.

Selling land in exchange for oil

no longer caring for the environment

that sustained life upon the Earth.

Ideals of space travel waited for those

that survived the wars

that the self-proclaimed leaders,

would not stop fighting,

even as their own kind lay dying.

There were screams of pain,

blasts of transparent radiation

which became the curse

of all their future generations to bare.

Now all those that were left behind

to suffer in isolation

stare longing up at their red tinted clouded sky.

They wonder what the stars look like

as they page through

books of constellations.

The cold walls of their glass domes

the only thing that separates them

from the rainbow of twirling gases,

that beckon the cursed few to venture out

into their deadly embrace.


                                                       By Ashley Houston

I hope you enjoyed reading my poem. 🙂

The image is from the WordPress free library.



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