The Dart Board

Think of your life as a giant dart board, as I do. But don’t do as I do. Count the missed darts that you have planted deep within the wood grain of your bathroom door. But don’t do as I do. Count all the red and black tailed darts that surround your ultimate goal. The center- a deep red blob- on your cycle of life. But don’t give up, keep throwing those darts. Don’t do as I do and quit when the dart cracks the mirror. The crack reflecting all the missed opportunities. Keep hammering those darts until you win. Even if you don’t achieve your ultimate goal-the red blob in the center- the fact is that you keep trying. Don’t give up, keep those little daggers flying. Until you reach the score you need to win the game. Don’t be like me and pull all of the darts off the board. Keep all those daggers of achievement in place. Think of them as incentive to keep moving forward. Learn from your mistakes and do as I do. Don’t pull the missed opportunities off your board. Keep the little red and black tailed darts as a reminder of everything you have learned in life. One day you will realize that this is part of the process of life, messing up till you get it right. Till you realize that it is your missed opportunities that make you wiser. These life lessons show the path that is the best to take on the labyrinth of numbers and colors.

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