The Life and The Death Of The Sole. A Flash Fiction by Ashley Houston. :)

The factory was not known for being big into technology and it was in this dingy place where the sole was born. He took his first breath as the high pitched sneeze of a sneaker running down a tiledhallway.

He could not see and had no known name, which was something he heard the beings that surrounded him talk about in muffled voices.

His world was one made up of various sounds and a complex combination of touch. He was always touching something except on the rare event that he was carried around weightlessly in a whirlpool of hotsoapy water.

He loved the feeling of soap as it coated his treads. It would only take a moment for it to be washed away taking the bad smell that he had been developing for a few weeks away with it down the drain.

He remembered the drain. With a small vibration, as if he was trying to shake the thought of the evildrain away. A memory of his lace being ripped away from him by that very drain made his vibration grow worse. It grew so bad that his owner bent down, piercing the shoe with a look of great puzzlement.

With a thought the sole’s owner ran out of the room.

The sole tried not to feel scared but he did not like to be alone with the drain so nearby. Mentally stopping the vibrating he stilled himself as he gathered as much energy as he could muster.

A feeling of happiness sang out for the few seconds that he was freefalling through the thick, steamy air of the bathroom.

It was all too soon that he splattered onto to a wet unforgiving surface.

The sound of his fall echoed throughout the bathroom as he realized that he was even closer to his dreaded enemy, the drain.

He tried to scream out to his owner.

If only he had a voice…if only he had a name then he could have a voice. The sole was thinking as loudly as he could but thoughts can only be thought so loud and the poor sole was laying at the bottom of the cold wrought iron bathtub.

The drain gurgled, as if saying it wanted more of the sole’s lace.

The sole could take no more and screamed as loud as it could. The screech was ear shattering to the sole’s master as he opened the door with a very intense alarm.

The sole was now facing up right and could see! He could see the moon glowing brightly above him through the window that had been sandwiched into the ceiling.

His owner stared down in wonder at the little sole as he saw for the first time that it was not just any old sole, this one had personality.

What sole would turn upside down just to get his attention? This one was the first he had met. He took the plush green towel that he held in his left hand and dried his sole off as best as he could.

While the sole had lost its shine from over wear he was not worn out, which amazed his owner even more. His owner thought aloud to himself and at times to the sole.

It was in these moments when his owner talked to him as if he considered him a close friend that the sole found true happiness, almost forgetting his lack of a name.

His owner and the sole spent hours in the bathroom, having a one sided on and off conversation till finally his owner looked down at him, “What a lucky shoe.”

If the sole could sing out in happiness he would because finally he had a name from the only one to ever acknowledge him, his owner.


The sole lived on a short while longer as “Lucky Shoe” till he literally fell apart at the seams. He took his last breath as he was buried in an unmarked grave in his owner’s back yard. He is survived by his owner.

The picture I picked to go with this flash fiction is a random cloud picture i took about a year ago.

I hope that you liked my flash fiction! 🙂

I have other short stories, flash fictions and poems if you liked this one and are interesting in reading more! 🙂

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