Fragments of You. A Poem by Ashley Houston.

IMG_7819A picture I took at the Smokey Mountains… :).

There are times when we are not able to be around those that we care about.  These feelings can leave a hole that is not easily filled in. Sometimes the only thing that we can do is just express ourselves. Give in to that need, for me that need is to write. When I am feeling lost, writing is what helps me to pull through, to get those feelings out.

This is a poem that I wrote in a few different parts. To express my inner thoughts and feelings as only words can do.

The structure of the poem is a bit off but its close to how it is suppose to look. 🙂

Fragments of You.

Looking around

There is no sign

Of you


         An empty Root Beer bottle

           Upon unopened mail

           Next to your side

           Of the bed

            Your pillows


Yet none of it

     Is you

        They are scattered

            Fragments of you

              Left on your shelf

                Waiting patiently

                   For your return

                      The worry sleeps

                           Hidden deep within

                              Your fragments

                                  The fear

                                     Of losing

                             Something more valuable

                               Than diamonds

                             Something that whispers

                Ever so softly

     That you are loved.

On rare occasion

She peers outside

The kitchen window

   Just to see

     If just, perhaps

       That red chevrolet cruze

          Is suddenly just sitting there

Within the shadowy folds of the driveway

The shadows pulling all the fragments together

As you step out into the cool buzzing street light

  Washing away those shadows

     As each fragment bunches up

         As their master walks

            Towards the hallow house

               Pausing to look over his shoulder

   She closes her eyes

      She takes a breath

        Just to have the fragments

          Scattered about once more

  The chevrolet cruze dark with shadows

   Once more there are only fragments

      Of you scattered about

         An old bank slip

           That says I love you

              On the cloth passenger seat

Is the only fragment

   Reflecting when you were last there

     It is a memory

       From not so long ago

         Before you left for Mexico

           Yet to her

            It feels like much longer

 Time passes by


    As her son

      Says he is worried

        His feelings reflecting

         Her feelings

      While the fragments

    Remain within their respective

Resting places

  Till there is more

    Till you return

      For when there are more

        Than just fragments of you

           When you are once more

     Just here

        As you used to be                                                                  

             With us


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