The Mysterious Day, A Flash Fiction by Ashley Houston :)


  Here I sit wishing I had a cup of hot coffee but sadly I don’t one, have to fight the urge to walk away from the computer, again. But I will not give in to anymore distractions, I will write! 😀

   We all have those times where nothing seems to be going right. I believe it is just apart of being alive, nothing is ever going to be perfect. It is what we do in those times to get through those hard moments in life. Smiling even when you fill that you are drowning, your emotions filling over the top. Maybe you feel that the world does not see you or the world sees you only as just another random person. This is not true, you are part of what makes the world a brighter place. A place where just your smile or your hello can brighten another’s day. So just remember that you are awesome! : )
 Here is a short story that I came up with this morning, while it is random I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. 🙂

The Mysterious Day.

                                 By Ashley Houston

  It was just another day. Just one of many days that seemed to come and go in a flash. Yet this day was different, something bad and something unexplained happened.

  My cat ran away. He abandoned me, granted I suppose I had not had him long enough for him to grow attached to me. Yet part of me misses that little black and white ball of fur.

 There were times when I would come into my room broken-hearted about the world and he would be there laying lazily upon my computer key board. It was as if he knew I had work to do and yet to him none of it mattered. It helped just having him around until today.
My computer and my cat are gone.

  Luckily I have enough in my savings account to get another laptop.

  So I ran to the nearest store with all its bright TV screens and softly playing background music enfolding my senses as I pondered which laptop to get. Sure, I had been meaning to get a new laptop but just not yet. I wanted to wait until my old friend gave out completely before replacing it.

 With a heavy heart I bought a shiny new laptop.

 Then I was home, once again alone. It was just me. Just me and my new shiny laptop.

The bright screen screamed up at me, just waiting for me to write something yet I could not pull myself out of my sorrow. My cat whom I had yet to name was gone. My old computer and my life’s work were gone as well. My mind could just not fathom how or why this had happened.     


   My attention was drawn to my email inbox.
There were three emails from a Mr. Fluffyball.

  What an odd name.

   Dear Sonya,
      I know times seem hard right now. Soon everything will be okay. Just look towards the future.
        Mr. Fluffyball

    After reading the first email I was not sure what to think. It was just so strange to be getting a random email at a time where I really did need to talk to someone.

   Dear Sonya,
      Please stop blanking out, it is really not good to stare at the computer screen. No, I am not some weirdo spying on you. Although I know you won’t believe me. I just know you.

   Mr. Fluffyball

  At this point I was freaking out. Somewhere in the back of my mind I could almost heard a tapping noise like someone was spying on me. The more I thought about it the more it seemed that the tapping noise was not just in my mind.

 My heart was racing as I got up from my desk, pushing my old wooden chair back with my legs.

  Where was the tapping noise coming from?

 I jumped as another TING rang out through my small room. The tapping noise had stopped.

  Maybe it was all just in head, after all. Maybe I was going insane.

  I shook my head trying not to give into the stresses surrounding me. I went back to the laptop, now thinking that maybe a hacker or someone was just messing around with me.

  I did not sit down this time, instead I stood and stared down at the two unread emails.

   Dear Sonya,
        Now I will get to the point. I have your old crappy laptop.
       Mr. Fluffyball

   I laughed. This was not happening? What was this?

  Suddenly a feeling that I was being watched crept over my skin.

  “Loneliness has driven me insane.” Even though my voice was but a whisper I could feel it echo around my cold empty room.     

  Then the tapping started again and I could swear there was a dim light now coming from under my closed closet door. It was when I was about to open the door that the tapping stopped and the light went away.


 I turned slowly back towards my laptop, remembering how my old one would just randomly turn off, sometimes causing me to lose hours worth of work.

   Dear Sonya,
     No, Sonya, you are not insane. Hmm…though I do find you humans funny. I like you in particular. You are my favorite human, at the moment.
      Mr. Fluffyball
        AKA the cat that went missing with your laptop.

I did not take the time to read the last email. I knew that the tapping sound had to be coming from my closet. I pulled the door open as fast as I could, in case I lost my nerve and decided to check myself into the nearest hospital.

  “You finally found me, madam.”

  It was my missing cat, sitting with his small black and white speckled cat legs crossed with his back against my favorite summer dress. I could see all the cat hair that my favorite summer dress had collected and felt the familiar rage at the small animal, that did not seem so small anymore. His dark grey eyes were now lit up with something I could not quite place.

  My rage frizzled out to be replaced by confusion.

 “Ahh, yes I know that look. Come now, girl. You helped me with my injured paw and so I have helped you to get that new laptop you complained about needing. Oh and I also backed up your computer onto that pink flash drive that you always kept in the bottom draw of your desk.”

 The cat stood up onto his hind legs and stretched before falling onto all four of his pawed feet. He rubbed against my calves as he walked past me. I stood and stared at the blinking laptop, watching almost in a daze as it flickered on and then off.

  When I turned around to see where my cat was now, I stopped short. Now he was wearing a black bowler hat with a pair of gold rimmed glasses, yet he was still walking on all fours. He was heading towards the door of my apartment. I followed him to see where he was going. I was not quite sure what to say or if I had it in me to speak.

  As soon as he got to the worn out apartment door he stood up, turning his head he winked at me.

 “Do not worry, my dear. One day you will see me again, but till then know that you are truly never alone. There is always someone out there just waiting to hear from you. In fact I think I hear someone heading down the hall, at this very moment. I must be on my way, I have many more jobs to do before I can rest again. Keep an eye on your window still.”

 He disappeared just as a knock slightly shook my old apartment door.

 My nerves were overly active causing me to jump as I creaked the door open.

 “Oh, I didn’t mean to scare you. It is just that I got this note that you wanted to talk to me. You know what is weird about the note…I have been wanting to talk to you, as well.”

 My old crush from down the hall stood staring at me, waiting for my response. I did not have it in me to write that note.

 It had to have been him, it had to been my cat. If I could even call him that.

 I smiled brightly at my old crush as I opened the door.


 The cat watched from a distance as his almost owner welcomed in her future.   

  I knew she could do it, she just needed a small push. It sure is windy out today. I need to get my fur dirty once again so that I have a protective barrier against the cold.

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