A Walking Tree and A Promise. A Short Story by Ashley Houston. :)

IMG_7791This is a photo that I took at the Great Smoky Mountains…awesome place, you should go sometime! 🙂

     Did you know that trees could walk?! Well they can’t really walk…but if they could what would the world transform into?

     Here is a little story that was supposedly told by a 100 year old man in a small town in the middle of nowhere…sounds trustworthy, right?  Ah ha, no…no silly this is not true, it is made up. Or is it?

    The young boy had heard all the local legends about walking trees. That they moved around at night or when the forest did not have humans roaming around. He never believed any of the local legends. Till one day he became lost in the forest that grew closer to his house each year.

    “Help me, please!” The young boy cried out to an indifferent world.

    Why should we care, the forest seemed to whisper back to him.

     The sun went down and the boy fell against an oddly warm tree. He had never noticed that trees were warm till that very moment.

     “You are different.” The boy whispered as he pushed himself as close as he could get to the tree’s rough bark.

    “Am I different, boy” The tree whispered back.

     He thought for a moment.

     “Yes! Trees don’t talk and you are the first one that has ever felt warm.” The boy said proudly back to the tree.

    “How strange, you humans all think you know all there is to know. Listen boy, I am alive just as you are. Can you hear my voice, if yes, than remember that trees are just as alive as humans.”

     The boy tried to see if a face had magically appeared on the tree. If the tree had a face the boy could not see it within the heavy darkness covering the forest.

    “Tell you what, boy, I can see your house from here. Just this once I will take you home if you promise me that you will never drink coffee and never cut down my forest. There are more than just us trees that live here, I am more than just a king of the trees I protect everything that dwells within my forest.”

     The boy nodded his head thinking over what the tree had just said.

    “My mom drinks coffee…is it really that bad?”

     The tree grew silent.

    “You are right it is not the coffee bean that is bad, for it is just a plant as am I. It is the fact that I have lost many of my family to deforestation for people to grow coffee. I suppose it is more than coffee that causes deforestation for I am not current with all the human world happenings. I know only of what I hear through the whispering of the wind as it runs through my tree leaves.” The tree shook its leaves with a loud sigh.

     The boy did not answer the tree for awhile. The tree was a bit confusing to him but he knew it was right that deforestation was bad.

    “I promise to never cut down your forest and to never drink coffee.” The boy finally said with an innocent smile.

     The tree could feel that the boy would keep his promise and so in exchange he carried the boy on one of his lower branches. The boy turned around after the tree put him down to get a good look at the king of trees but the tree was gone or so the boy thought.

     The king of trees retired onto the edge of the forest to make sure that the boy kept his promise.

     It was said that the 100 year old man wrote into his will that the forest could never be cut down as long as it was on his family’s land. To his descendants great distress they could never sell the land. There were whispers around their small town that the forest was haunted. The rumors were no doubt spread over an 80 year time frame so that the old man could protect the forest.


I got the idea for this short story when my husband told me about an article about walking trees…which do not actually walk. He got me though! Made me think that trees could walk…while my mind wondered if there would be a tree revolt…shade grown coffee! Yes random, I know. 🙂

Here is the link to the article, it is pretty interesting plus they have all kinds of interesting stories on their site! http://www.iflscience.com/plants-and-animals/no-walking-palms-south-america-cannot-actually-walk-around

Never know when the need to write will hit you as you stumble across various thoughts and words. When you get that feeling to write…write! Keep a journal, write on a note pad, on your computer or on something that way your idea does not become lost. 🙂

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